Cause Peace in the Unrest

Sunday May 31st, 2020 7:30 AM

The last day of May. It has not been so merry a month, in my opinion, with the pandemic, and the violence around the world and country. I haven’t turned on any electronics to see what went on through the night in major cities across the country. Frankly, I am hesitant to subject myself to the anger and violence of the videos.

It is overcast, so I can’t see Father but Mother is gently waving the Fir branches, making them dance on the ends. But it feels like a weighted blanket covering the Earth; appropriate after the violence that has erupted in the country.

I understand people’s anger at the death of George Floyd and all of the other people who have died at the hands of an inappropriate action by a law enforcement officer. I do think that the department and city heads have some responsibility in this. They employ and, in some cases, continue to employ officers representing our city after numerous incidents have happened, as in the case in Minnesota.

I also understand the “no nonsense” attitude of some law enforcers who go overboard in an incident as what they perceive to be a necessary way to get control over the situation quickly before anyone gets hurt. Just like a Dad would do when the children were starting to escalate into violence and get out of control.

We all at one time or another made snap decisions that, in the end, weren’t helpful and were actually harmful. We learn something about ourselves in that moment. At the very least, we have learned we are capable of reacting to a situation in that inappropriate way, and hopefully learn how to not go there again.

But keep in mind that it isn’t just Dad settling his kids down. He now gets a call to come settle someone else’s kids that are being brats or out of control, then another call to settle someone else’s kids and so forth. What would happen to Dad if he has had to tell kids time after time the same thing? It does wear on a person.

People have to remember that law enforcement are not some super beings that always respond in the most loving, compassionate way, every second of the day – those are called Guardian Angels. Police are human, just like you and me.

Granted, it takes a special kind of person to be able to deal with the depravity of the human species daily or at least too frequently for the “soul’s liking”. They see the absolute worst of people’s egos, passions and stupidity. They see the gruesomeness of some of our lost spirits, and it has to wear on a person. Dad knew his kids weren’t going to pull a gun or a knife or attack him, but he doesn’t know Joe Public’s kid – and these kids have now have guns and knives added to the teen angst of emotions.

I think Seattle has made monumental strides in finding more acceptable and productive techniques of dealing with an explosive situation, like the riots of “Battle of Seattle” in November 1999, that set the city on fire for 5 days. And I thought we as a society had made just as big of an advancement on how we deal with situations like this. I felt the compassion in Police Chief Carmen Best’s speech and was so thankful that “we”  Washingtonians have this caliber of character to deal with people in a compassionate way. I was sure we as a society had evolved since 1999

As I watched the Sky King helicopter film of people converging onto the streets of Seattle in an orderly and civilized way. I was proud. I could hear the speakers at the organized protest, and thought, yes, we have arrived, we have learned the value of civility to be heard. But then I saw the frozen water bottles, rocks and anything some of the protestors could pick up and throw, hitting the police AND innocent bystanders. I knew we, as a society, have not “Gotten there” yet.

I wonder if our species is doomed It very well may be until we can understand that ALL Life matters, regardless of what color of paper you are gift wrapped in. I certainly hope not.


We have had 11 people die in the State of Washington where I live, and one in California since yesterday. We have 70 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. I seen that they held a new conference up at Camp Murray with Vice President Pence, among many people to discuss the outbreak.

My son is being kept at home instead of going to office, and symptoms are monitored over the telephone, which I completely agree with that decision. He could just spread it to someone’s grandma at the doctor’s office for something the doctor can do nothing about.

I was told by our nurse that most people who get this flu will just have a nastier cold but will completely recover most thinking it was just a cold or flu. And that it takes a week to see improvement from just the viruses going around this flu season has been what they are seeing at the doctors office.

We are looking at a pandemic with 84 countries involved, as of this writing. It has now hit all the continents except Antarctica. But we don’t need to be scared, just smart!

We have to be extra watchful with our lung and heart compromised family members. BUT people, don’t need to go out and clear the shelves in fear. You only need enough food, water, dog/cat food, paper products for 2 weeks; In the case you get quarantined in your house and not allowed out for 2 weeks, the incubation time of the virus, then your are good to go.

Granted, you may want to limit time out big crowds, as I hear you can spread the virus without having any symptoms. There are always going to be people that won’t let a little virus stop them, not realizing that they are endangering others.

Just be smart, guys! you don’t need a case of antibacterial wipes! A couple of three packs if you feel like you are going to need, or just want to be prepared, but that is all you will most likely need to sanitize your house. I guess people need all that toilet paper because they have also stocked up on canned chili. They cleared out the shelves of water; I guess to wash down that chili, or maybe they plan on bathing in it. It was mind boggling to see what was being stockpiled! Some things, I could understand you would want to need, Kleenex, and antibacterial wipes.

There are so many rumors about the coronavirus and people should not believe them. There’s a good video from King5 New in Seattle. Look down the side panel for the blue Fact not Fear and click on the video. Find reputable sites for your information, not social apps!

coronavirus updates page at King5 News

CDC Coronavirus website

Please be mindful of not only your health but also of the health of your elderly and children, of other’s elderly and children and of your community.

A Crone



Robert Simmons describes Seraphinite as:

“…a variety of Clinochlore, a hydrous magnesium iron aluminum silicate with hardness of 4. Its crystal system is monoclinic. Seraphinite is found only in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia. It is characterized by its deep green color, lace with shimmering patterns of silver that move with changing angles of light reflection.”

“… the most powerful stones for bringing all the elements of the non physical bodies into alignment along the I AM column of the spinal cord. It is both centering and energizing at the same time…

I have found differences of opinion on the hardness of Seraphinite. Healing has it listed as a hardness of 2-2.5, but Robert Simmons has it as a 4.

Either way, it is a softer stone and easily carved but it will also break if hit so better in pendant or earring than in a bracelet or ring where it would get hit on things more often. It is such a mesmerizing stone to lose yourself in.

Worn, it infuses your auric field with vibrations of wholeness and wellbeing. And it also affects those around you. It is an evolved stone and will help move you along your own spiritual evolution.

It can be used on any chakra or any other body part where “enhanced and harmonized energies” are needed.

I especially like Naisha Ahsian input on the stones so I know how to use them better for my chakras.

Spiritually: Links the physical with angelic levels of energy. Assists in bringing healing to body, mind, spirit and Earth

Emotionally: Aids in releasing emotional energies that no longer serve you. Brings enlightening, joyful energy to the emotional body and stimulates the flow and elasticity of one’s energy to bring it into balance.

Physically: seraphinite helps regulate growth and regulation of all types of cancerous cells. And excellent for general healing of system imbalance or disease. A blood strengthener and can aid cellular respiration and the delivery of nutrients

It is truly amazing that these crystals can affect our physical bodies – blood strengthener and helping cells breath?

Source: Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian; The Book of Stones

Lazy Weekend

as above, so below

I feel asleep on the couch this afternoon after a wonderful playdate with my youngest granddaughter and the excitement of getting a car so I don’t have to drive my pickup with the only working gauge the speed limit. The only downside here is that I am not going to be able to sleep tonight until late, late, late.

Missy B’s Diner

So in my quest to find something constructive to do, I started thinking about Rules of Life. I remembered a Meme about witchy rules for life I come across several months ago and decided to do my own Rules of Life. This is what I have come up with…..

My Rules of Life

  1. Make peace with your past, so it won’t bite you in your present. It is way worse to deal with a festered sore than a fresh or semi fresh one. Remember if it festers long enough without you paying attention it will give you a physical dis-ease to get your attention!
  2. What other people think of you is none of your business; Just as what you think of them is none of theirs. And please, keep it to yourself. If others insist on informing you of their option, if you must endure, just smile and think of a Jim Stafford or Ray Stevens song
  3. (Old) Time heals almost everything. Give it time. Time magic anyone?

(New) Do not judge, unless of course, “insert who you worship here” died and left you in charge of judgements. But there is a distinct difference in judgement and standing in your authentic truth or even in public truth. PN: It is not a judgement to voice something like sexual/physical/emotional abuse. It is against the law.

  1. No one is in charge of your happiness except for you. What? Were you expecting it all gift wrapped complete with bow?
  2. Don’t compare your life to others. They are NOT YOU! You have no idea what their “hand” at the moment  looks like so don’t go there.
  3. Stop thinking too much. It’s alright if you don’t know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it, AND when the moment is right.
  4. You don’t own all the problems in the world so quit taking responsibility for them!
  5. Drama is toxic! To you, to your plants, to your pets, to your crystals… DRAMA not allowed in my world, period!
  6. If things get rough, remind yourself that this is temporary, a blip in time. IT WILL PASS! Ground yourself in the moment. Look around you and find something that makes you smile or laugh or just feel good while you remind yourself ‘a blip in time’. PN: Useful mantra
  7. Everything that happens to you, happens for a reason. There is a lesson here. Find it, don’t just stand there and cry about it.
  8. What you put out, you get back. You throw crap, you get crap thrown back at you. You throw flowers, you get flowers thrown back. You choose!

I want to have 13 rules. Why, I like the number 13? I identify as a witch? whatever the reason, I will be adding to this list over time, as soon as I figure out what needs to go there. I can think of lots of things that could be added but are they truly in MY best interest or authentic self? And even a lot of things that really would serve me… if I were into them.

That last part is a very important part of my new life. I am no longer in service of others, past the normal amount that I deem an acceptable amount. I promised counselor after counselor that I would take care of myself after my parents were gone. Counselor after counselor informed me that everyone says that but never does. Ladies? Is that egg on your face?

no need to be perfect, you are still beautiful

I meditate and tend my chakras at least 3 times a week. I have a journaling daily ritual that I have kept up for more than 2 years. I incorporate gratitude into my daily life, even if I have to dig deep to find it. I am finding out who I am and what I am not this earth for in this life. I have journeyed into shadow work realm, having just bought LoneWolf’s shadow work course. The link goes to the home page where there’s lots of free stuff, too.

I am learning about my Empath abilities and a personal note, have discovered with dismay I may add, that since opening myself up to the ability, has become so much stronger. But what to do with this ability? I am still trying to figure that one out and the only thing I have come up with is a new email address – reluctantempath.

hungry chipmunk

I say, I am taking care of myself, quite well, thank you very much!

Summer Solstice 2019

Friday, June 21

The morning was cloudy and I was disappointed then reminded myself, it was sunny behind those clouds and immediately set to work getting things ready with a smile. I had just gotten the fire going in yard fire pit when the sun come out and stayed out for most of the afternoon.

Then I got to work on the outside altar. Petrified wood and lots of red and yellow jasper for the north. The incense burner for Air, and there is also feathers on the ground in the eastern direction. I couldn’t find a yellow or orange pillar candle so chose a gold one to represent Father/Sun on this solar sabbat. Seashells for the West with some pretty watery stones, at least visually.

outside altar for summer solstice 2019
looking east se with my meteorite peeking out from under the candle

Llewellen’s Spell A Day for the day of this years summer solstice was about making a Jara (Jera) Charm for drawing your own abundant harvest to yourself. I had three wooden discs that hubby had cut for me that worked perfectly. I still need to wood burn mine before I bless it and get it tucked into my pocket.

One of my favorite books for learning about the Wheel of the Year has been the Wicca: Year and a Day written by Timothy Roderick and had used several things from the book for last years summer solstice but there was a couple of things that we hadn’t gotten to do so thought we could do it this year. The first thing was the Solar Magic House Blessing using a magical square or the planetary kamea, that has been associated with both planetary magic and the modern Hermetic Kabbalah.

Invented by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) , a German magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer and alchemist,

“All things which are similar and therefore connected, are drawn to each other’s power.”

Cornelius Agrippa

also known as the law of resonance

We done them on colored card stock but am thinking they wood look good done on a piece of wood

The Seasonal Soul has a free printable pamphlet for the wheel of the year and you get even more printables if you sign up for the newsletter. This year’s printout included a step by step ritual/ceremony, 5 journaling questions and a summer solstice tarot spread.

I had a vague image of a craft in my head as I grabbed the Rah Rah ribbon out of the clearance bin. I was able to get yellow, purple, orange and green. I also purchased 2 inch wide golden yellow to signify the sun, Bright yellow and Lime green ribbon bejeweled in hello kitty design, along with cute little suns and clouds, complete with little bows on top but thought the weight on the ribbons might weight them down and was going for fluttery. But we thought it still needed more so I retrieved my tub of ribbons with the ziploc baggies of trims, braids, rickracks and tassels. Just what was needed.

Anniversary and Memories

Today, is the second anniversary of my Dad’s death. It hit me hard this morning, as I looked at the clock with my normal morning blur, or pre-coffee. This was the time that I had went in to get him up for the day and knew it was the day he would leave us. Of course, me – the one that wears her heart on her sleeve and her emotions on her face – starts to cry from the sorrow of missing him. Then, I hear a chuckle and “I’m still here, I haven’t left” and felt a blanket of soothing warmth and love envelop me and I felt much better. My plan is to go to the cemetery and have a milk shake with them, strawberry, his favorite, not mine. But I realize that it feels fine to make such a simple sacrifice to the man that raised me from the time I was 2 years old until he passed when I was 59.

Summer plant 2019

I placed the summer plant at their “place” yesterday. I envision Mom oohing and aahing over the pretty foliage, with coming delight over the flowers stalks yet to come as with a Coleus. I also envision my Dad poking at the foliage, muttering, “a waste of money”.

They were both quite thrifty, each accusing the other of being a hoarder; In a way, they both were, and all you had to do was look at Mom’s house inside, and Dad’s garage inside to confirm it! 😉 But as children, born in the 30s and 40s, it was quite common for that generation to keep things for later use. I find even myself holding on to things, not because it is tough times, but rather because my parents still had that influence from their parents, living through the depression and ensuing WW2, but because my parents passed it on to my generation as what they were taught. I get it.

Confession time: My hoarding comes out in my crystals, and this seems like a whole new post!


My cousin and I assign each other topics and have to write an article on it. I picked Herb for topic and here’s my article — Yarrow

Yarrow ( Achillea millefolium)

My Yarrow

Other names (including folk names): Seven years’ love, sanguinary, old man’s mustard, nose bleed, thousand seal, milfoil, eerie, lady’s mantle, devil’s bit and staunch weed to name a few. there are a multitude more
Gender: cold or feminine
Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: water
Zodiac sign: Libra
Parts used: flowers
Basic powers: Love, clairvoyance and exorcism
Specific uses:
**Love sachets and marriage charms as it has power to keep couple together for 7 years
**Wear as amulet to ward off negativity
**Drink yarrow tea before divination for improved power of perception NOTE: Yarrow can be toxic if ingested in large doses or taken over long periods of time due to the alkaloid thyjone.
**Hold in hand to ward off all fear and bolster courage
**Sometimes added to exorcism incense

Other facts about yarrow
**great addition to your faerie or butterfly garden
**classic witch’s herb and an all purpose magical herb
**can be used for symbol of wheel of the year
**One small leaf will speed decomposition of a wheelbarrow of raw compost
**Yarrow’s root secretions will activate the disease resistance of nearby plants and intensifies medicinal properties of other herbs along with deepen the fragrance and flavor.
**After being taught how to use it, Achilles saved many lives on battlefield to stop bleeding
**50 dried stems of the Yarrow plant were used for centuries for I Ching divination before later being switched to coins

Growing Yarrow
Yarrow likes sun but will tolerate some shade. Prefers moderately rich moist soil.

Divide invasive roots in spring or autumn

Harvest the leaves and flowers in late summer

Beauty Uses
**Infuse fresh flowers in facial steam and tonic lotion
**Use infusion as basis for face pack for greasy skin or in a relaxing bath

Medicinal Uses
**Chew on fresh leaf to help a toothache
**Traditionally used in Europe, china and India for 1 of 3 reasons 1) to staunch bleeding and treat wounds 2) as an anti-inflammatory for female reproductive tract and gastrointestinal system for treating inflammation or 3) as a mild sedative

Active Components
**volatile oil high in sesquiterpene lactones for anti-inflammatory
**Alkamine ( also found in echineacea) also anti inflammatory properties
**Achilletin which stops the bleeding
**Antispasmotic properties makes it helpful for intestinal conditions

4.5 grams of fresh leaves or 3 teaspoons of fresh pressed juice
To make tea use 1-2 teaspoons herb to 1 cup boiling water Steep for 10-15 minutes. Can drink up to 3 cups a day. You can also cool the tea, dip a cloth in it for topical use SEE NOTE ABOVE!

An All Purpose Herb Gathering Charm
I gather this herb for a magic spell,
Bringing harm to none, may it turn out well.
By the powers of earth and air, fire, and water,
I conjure up love, safety, money, health and laughter
By all the power of three times three,
As I will it, then to must it be.

Make a Marriage Charm
On a Friday during the waxing moon, take 9 dried yarrow flower head and bind the stems together with copper wire. Then tie a green ribbon around wire and into a bow with instructions to the couple to hang it over their bed or on their headboard

Complete Book of Herbs – Lesley Bremness
The Natural Pharmacy – Healthnotes
Magical Herbology – Scot Cunningham
A Garden Witch’s Herbal – Ellen Dugan

May 18, 2019

It seems that it has been quite a while since I last wrote on my blog. It was my intention to pull myself further into technology of our children and grandchildren.

Blogging feels alien to my pen and sewn bound notebook I dub THE current journal. Somewhere, I have boxes of journals from my childhood, teens –oh, the angst! – and various started journals from over the following years when I was too busy to write, I had kids and husband to raise. In one of my storage sheds, I have a journal my maternal grandmother was writing in during the 50s.

Now, I have a journal for everything- my Daily Witch Journal, my counseling journal, my rough draft BOS, 6 composition books, covers taped together for sections. I have a self care journal but it is a printed, holes punched and in its own D-Ring binder. I buy sewn bound composition books by the dozens when I find them for .50 each. I buy pens by the gross. Now I just need to get my habit moving toward typing instead of good old manual writing.