May 18, 2019

It seems that it has been quite a while since I last wrote on my blog. It was my intention to pull myself further into technology of our children and grandchildren.

Blogging feels alien to my pen and sewn bound notebook I dub THE current journal. Somewhere, I have boxes of journals from my childhood, teens –oh, the angst! – and various started journals from over the following years when I was too busy to write, I had kids and husband to raise. In one of my storage sheds, I have a journal my maternal grandmother was writing in during the 50s.

Now, I have a journal for everything- my Daily Witch Journal, my counseling journal, my rough draft BOS, 6 composition books, covers taped together for sections. I have a self care journal but it is a printed, holes punched and in its own D-Ring binder. I buy sewn bound composition books by the dozens when I find them for .50 each. I buy pens by the gross. Now I just need to get my habit moving toward typing instead of good old manual writing.

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