My cousin and I assign each other topics and have to write an article on it. I picked Herb for topic and here’s my article — Yarrow

Yarrow ( Achillea millefolium)

My Yarrow

Other names (including folk names): Seven years’ love, sanguinary, old man’s mustard, nose bleed, thousand seal, milfoil, eerie, lady’s mantle, devil’s bit and staunch weed to name a few. there are a multitude more
Gender: cold or feminine
Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: water
Zodiac sign: Libra
Parts used: flowers
Basic powers: Love, clairvoyance and exorcism
Specific uses:
**Love sachets and marriage charms as it has power to keep couple together for 7 years
**Wear as amulet to ward off negativity
**Drink yarrow tea before divination for improved power of perception NOTE: Yarrow can be toxic if ingested in large doses or taken over long periods of time due to the alkaloid thyjone.
**Hold in hand to ward off all fear and bolster courage
**Sometimes added to exorcism incense

Other facts about yarrow
**great addition to your faerie or butterfly garden
**classic witch’s herb and an all purpose magical herb
**can be used for symbol of wheel of the year
**One small leaf will speed decomposition of a wheelbarrow of raw compost
**Yarrow’s root secretions will activate the disease resistance of nearby plants and intensifies medicinal properties of other herbs along with deepen the fragrance and flavor.
**After being taught how to use it, Achilles saved many lives on battlefield to stop bleeding
**50 dried stems of the Yarrow plant were used for centuries for I Ching divination before later being switched to coins

Growing Yarrow
Yarrow likes sun but will tolerate some shade. Prefers moderately rich moist soil.

Divide invasive roots in spring or autumn

Harvest the leaves and flowers in late summer

Beauty Uses
**Infuse fresh flowers in facial steam and tonic lotion
**Use infusion as basis for face pack for greasy skin or in a relaxing bath

Medicinal Uses
**Chew on fresh leaf to help a toothache
**Traditionally used in Europe, china and India for 1 of 3 reasons 1) to staunch bleeding and treat wounds 2) as an anti-inflammatory for female reproductive tract and gastrointestinal system for treating inflammation or 3) as a mild sedative

Active Components
**volatile oil high in sesquiterpene lactones for anti-inflammatory
**Alkamine ( also found in echineacea) also anti inflammatory properties
**Achilletin which stops the bleeding
**Antispasmotic properties makes it helpful for intestinal conditions

4.5 grams of fresh leaves or 3 teaspoons of fresh pressed juice
To make tea use 1-2 teaspoons herb to 1 cup boiling water Steep for 10-15 minutes. Can drink up to 3 cups a day. You can also cool the tea, dip a cloth in it for topical use SEE NOTE ABOVE!

An All Purpose Herb Gathering Charm
I gather this herb for a magic spell,
Bringing harm to none, may it turn out well.
By the powers of earth and air, fire, and water,
I conjure up love, safety, money, health and laughter
By all the power of three times three,
As I will it, then to must it be.

Make a Marriage Charm
On a Friday during the waxing moon, take 9 dried yarrow flower head and bind the stems together with copper wire. Then tie a green ribbon around wire and into a bow with instructions to the couple to hang it over their bed or on their headboard

Complete Book of Herbs – Lesley Bremness
The Natural Pharmacy – Healthnotes
Magical Herbology – Scot Cunningham
A Garden Witch’s Herbal – Ellen Dugan

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