Summer Solstice 2019

Friday, June 21

The morning was cloudy and I was disappointed then reminded myself, it was sunny behind those clouds and immediately set to work getting things ready with a smile. I had just gotten the fire going in yard fire pit when the sun come out and stayed out for most of the afternoon.

Then I got to work on the outside altar. Petrified wood and lots of red and yellow jasper for the north. The incense burner for Air, and there is also feathers on the ground in the eastern direction. I couldn’t find a yellow or orange pillar candle so chose a gold one to represent Father/Sun on this solar sabbat. Seashells for the West with some pretty watery stones, at least visually.

outside altar for summer solstice 2019
looking east se with my meteorite peeking out from under the candle

Llewellen’s Spell A Day for the day of this years summer solstice was about making a Jara (Jera) Charm for drawing your own abundant harvest to yourself. I had three wooden discs that hubby had cut for me that worked perfectly. I still need to wood burn mine before I bless it and get it tucked into my pocket.

One of my favorite books for learning about the Wheel of the Year has been the Wicca: Year and a Day written by Timothy Roderick and had used several things from the book for last years summer solstice but there was a couple of things that we hadn’t gotten to do so thought we could do it this year. The first thing was the Solar Magic House Blessing using a magical square or the planetary kamea, that has been associated with both planetary magic and the modern Hermetic Kabbalah.

Invented by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) , a German magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer and alchemist,

“All things which are similar and therefore connected, are drawn to each other’s power.”

Cornelius Agrippa

also known as the law of resonance

We done them on colored card stock but am thinking they wood look good done on a piece of wood

The Seasonal Soul has a free printable pamphlet for the wheel of the year and you get even more printables if you sign up for the newsletter. This year’s printout included a step by step ritual/ceremony, 5 journaling questions and a summer solstice tarot spread.

I had a vague image of a craft in my head as I grabbed the Rah Rah ribbon out of the clearance bin. I was able to get yellow, purple, orange and green. I also purchased 2 inch wide golden yellow to signify the sun, Bright yellow and Lime green ribbon bejeweled in hello kitty design, along with cute little suns and clouds, complete with little bows on top but thought the weight on the ribbons might weight them down and was going for fluttery. But we thought it still needed more so I retrieved my tub of ribbons with the ziploc baggies of trims, braids, rickracks and tassels. Just what was needed.

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