We have had 11 people die in the State of Washington where I live, and one in California since yesterday. We have 70 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. I seen that they held a new conference up at Camp Murray with Vice President Pence, among many people to discuss the outbreak.

My son is being kept at home instead of going to office, and symptoms are monitored over the telephone, which I completely agree with that decision. He could just spread it to someone’s grandma at the doctor’s office for something the doctor can do nothing about.

I was told by our nurse that most people who get this flu will just have a nastier cold but will completely recover most thinking it was just a cold or flu. And that it takes a week to see improvement from just the viruses going around this flu season has been what they are seeing at the doctors office.

We are looking at a pandemic with 84 countries involved, as of this writing. It has now hit all the continents except Antarctica. But we don’t need to be scared, just smart!

We have to be extra watchful with our lung and heart compromised family members. BUT people, don’t need to go out and clear the shelves in fear. You only need enough food, water, dog/cat food, paper products for 2 weeks; In the case you get quarantined in your house and not allowed out for 2 weeks, the incubation time of the virus, then your are good to go.

Granted, you may want to limit time out big crowds, as I hear you can spread the virus without having any symptoms. There are always going to be people that won’t let a little virus stop them, not realizing that they are endangering others.

Just be smart, guys! you don’t need a case of antibacterial wipes! A couple of three packs if you feel like you are going to need, or just want to be prepared, but that is all you will most likely need to sanitize your house. I guess people need all that toilet paper because they have also stocked up on canned chili. They cleared out the shelves of water; I guess to wash down that chili, or maybe they plan on bathing in it. It was mind boggling to see what was being stockpiled! Some things, I could understand you would want to need, Kleenex, and antibacterial wipes.

There are so many rumors about the coronavirus and people should not believe them. There’s a good video from King5 New in Seattle. Look down the side panel for the blue Fact not Fear and click on the video. Find reputable sites for your information, not social apps!

coronavirus updates page at King5 News

CDC Coronavirus website

Please be mindful of not only your health but also of the health of your elderly and children, of other’s elderly and children and of your community.

A Crone


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